I know it’s September and talking about heat right now is likely sounding strange in many areas that actually experience the seasons.  However, I’m in San Diego (grateful, lucky and happy to be here) and it is HOT.  Hot like humid heat that us san diegans aren’t used to.  We complain whenever the thermometer dips below 65 or above 80.  (our comfort zone is more like between 68 and 73), but I digress.  So as humans, especially as pregnant humans, we tend to slow down in the heat.  We tend to look for air conditioning and sit or lay still hoping not to sweat in places we have never sweat before. Or life goes on and we are bustling around in the heat and on our feet.  On a good day I’m hoping most of us get to the beach and in the ocean to help alleviate the air blanket of the sun and cool off.

Although stillness and laying down is quite nice during hot spells when we are pregnant sitting in one position or standing to long in one position is enough to cause swelling.  Add the extra 10-20 degrees and the recipe for swelling is exponential.

Here is what I would do while I was pregnant and a few things I wish I would have done while I pregnant to help keep my ankles as ankles.  Ladies- you know what I mean.

  • Natrum Muriaticum

Homeopathic cell salt or use the homeopathic remedy in a 6C or 12C or 30C.  The cell salt is a predetermined strength.  This remedy is actual salt- Sodium chloride.  Although there are many remedies that can address swelling and edema, this one in particular is when the swelling around the eyes, or the extremeties (ankles and wrists, feet, hands) comes on after hot weather or sun exposure. This mom to be will be likely be thirsty and crave salt (salty foods).

  • Sea Salt

Yes, the Dr told you to lower your salt intake.  What your Dr may have not specified is what kind of salt.  Table salt is will increase blood pressure and can lead to edema.  Sea salt, however is a perfectly balanced salt that is unrefined and ready to nourish the body with all its amazing minerals and help balance the cellular fluid of all your cells and to replenish the amniotic fluid in your womb.  Amniotic fluid is similar to a saline solution, aka salty water.  If you aren’t providing the ‘good’ type of salt and minerals for to your body, the amniotic fluid will take what it needs leaving mom deprived and off balance.  So OMIT the table salt, and reach for the sea salt.  Pink Himalayan, or Celtic Sea Salt are great choices.  Every pregnant woman should be consuming 1/4 tsp of sea salt every day!  I’ll write a post about this specifically soon ; ) Until then…just do it!


  • Bioplasma, coconut water, Ultima Electrolyte powder

Pick one, pick them all, doesn’t matter because you’ll benefit with each of them!  Bioplasma is a homeopathic cell salt that contains the 12 main salt combinations that our cells utilize for fluid balance.  Feed the body these and the fluid will find it’s way- out of your ankles.  Coconut water and Ultima Electrolyte powder are for replenishing the electrolytes lost during the heat.  Either one is a great.


  • Juice


While traveling in Morocco we stumbled upon the best little cafe in Tagazout.  This is where I had the most incredible juice ever.  It started with Strawberries, Mint, Lime Juice, and Orange Juice.  I’ve kept all the ingredients but added a pinch of Turmeric to join the mint for added anti-inflammatory properties to combat water retention.  Turmeric in a concentrated form, or in high doses is not recommended without professional direction while pregnant.  However, using fresh or powdered turmeric in this juice will gently give you the anti-infmlammatory goodness.  The mint will not only be cooling and refreshing, but mint has phyochemicals that have anti-inflammatory effect as well.   Strawberries and orange juice have been said to have anti-inflammatory properties as well, but I consider these antioxidants, vitamin C and flavorful goodness additions.  I recommend fresh from the garden where possible and organic and fresh from the market or grocery store to really gain all the benefits of ‘real food.’


Serious illness or injury should not be treated without expert advice, nor should the information provided be seen as a replacement for a consultation with a trusted healthcare provider. It is your responsibility to seek medical help and diagnosis when appropriate. All remedy- related information provided by Balancing Your Health is drawn from homeopathic pharmocoploeias and materia medica.