Homeopathy kits are essential for active families, and there is only one that has all the qualities you need in a starter kit.

The qualities a great homeopathy kit should have are:

1- A large selection of remedies

There is nothing worse than finding a remedy from a recommendation or book that fits your own symptoms or those of a family member only to run to your kit and realize that it didn’t come with your kit.  My recommended kit contains 100 remedies, 91 are different and 9 of the most commonly used in a higher potency.

2- It’s labeled well

The remedy labels are easy to read and find.  Most kits (and I haven’t figured this out) label their remedies on the side of the bottle.  My recommeded kit labels them on the cap so that when you open the lid they are all there, easy to read and easy to find.

3- More than one strength

The more commonly used remedies come in more than one potency (strength).  The most commonly used remedies in this kit come not only in the 30C potency, but also in a stronger 200C potency.  This is very important and allows for a greater range of use of the remedies.

4- Size matters!

The whole kit shouldn’t take up a whole cabinet.  When you are learning the homeopathy ropes of home care, you want the kit to be compact. You want to be able to go and get it quickly or even take it with us on the go.  These vials are small which allow for this kit to hold a larger number of different remedies, more than just the common ones like most kits.  Most kits might have a top 30 or even a top 50 but they are bulky if they contain this many remedies.  This one has 100 vials and the whole kit is less than 7″ by 7″ by 3″.  That is really compact!

5- You can refill it easily

You might find that there are certain remedies you use more often, so you can buy just those specific remedies in larger quantities as a ‘refill’ source and keep the smaller vials stored in your kit filled up. The vials are also made of dark amber glass instead of plastic.

So what is this kit?  It’s the TOP 100 KIT from Washington Homeopathic Products

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Washington Hoemopathics Top 100 Ki

Best Homeopathy Kit for Your Family

Here you can see how easy it is to read the labels

Homeopathy Kit for Your Family

Best Homeopathy Kit for your Family

This truly is the BEST kit for home use.  Download my FREE ebook on treating baby’s and kids with homeopathy to use along with your kit.

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