Willow Buckley Brutlag


Thank you for checking out Balancing Your Health and wanting to learn a little bit more about me.  

I initially can be summed up as woman on a mission.  A mission to infuse my advocacy of homeopathy, holistic motherhood and real food into my professional practices as a classical homeopath, labor doula and prenatal yoga instructor.  


While I was following my love of math and science and studying Engineering in college I found myself intensely drawn to such books as Zen and the Brain, The Tao of Physics, Household Herbal Remedies and such books.  Feeling unfulfilled I did what every parent fears.  I switched my major the middle of my junior year.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  I found the major Neuropsychology which satisfied my desire to learn more about the brain, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science soon after.  Still not knowing exactly where this would lead me I was fortunate to have my next endeavor find me. Homeopathy nonchalantly introduced itself through my roommate’s mother.  She was a homeopath and we spoke a bit about what she did and it was fascinating.  I was hooked and have been hooked ever since.  I was so thankful that homeopathy found me, because although I was raised on breast milk and homemade real food (thank you mom:), I was the strep throat kid.  You know, the one that got it about 3-4 times per year.  I was on a lot of antibiotics and eventually got my tonsils removed at 14, which is when I became the sinus infection kid.  So, more antibiotics. Then I got meningitis, viral not bacterial, just before my 24th birthday, and that was it.  Something had to change.  My body wasn’t happy with me.  That’s when I got serious about homeopathy, not just with my studies but for myself.  How was I going to treat clients if I had an imbalance within my own body?quote_graphic I didn’t think of myself as a sick kid, nor would anyone else think of me in that way, but I honestly think I would have been a lot worse off if I didn’t have the initial healthy gut given to me by my mom’s garden and her love of cooking real food. This led me to my passion and full belief that diet and nutrition during pregnancy and the first years of life have a HUGE impact on the future health of every child.

Homeopathy was the catalyst my body needed. 

And although I feel like I only knew a drop of what I now know it was what paved my way toward balanced health.  I have now been sinus infection free with some yearly colds and sometimes flus (I need my immune system to get it’s work out)- they are for very short periods of time with much less suffering.  Oh, and did I mention my mental and emotional sphere?  HUGELY improved from homeopathy. Learn more about homeopathy in the homeopathy section of the site. The more I treated children homeopathically the more I wanted to help mother’s while they were pregnant to help educate and prevent some of what I was seeing in practice.  As I started to get ready to begin my family I began to change my focus to everything involving the womb.  Becoming a certified doula, placenta encapsulator and prenatal yoga teacher allowed me to hone in my homeopathy skills with pregnancy, birth and beyond.  

Supporting women and their family during this time became a passion and love of mine.

I embrace all the wisdom of the pregnant body, it’s process and it’s ability to metamorphose during pregnancy.  The power and beauty of a laboring woman is like no other and the gift I am given every time I am invited into a woman’s labor land is precious and sacred. One more thing- I LOVE cookies and sour dough toast.  We all have our food vices, and these are mine.  If you have a favorite chewy gluten free cookie recipe I want it, and if you make your own fermented sourdough bread I want to hear about it.  Actually I want to eat it! :) Learn more about working with me here.