It’s your bodies personalized hormonal cocktail.

I’m talking about the amazing and powerful effects of the placenta and how ingesting it postpartum can help prevent the ‘baby blues,’ ease fatigue, and increase milk supply. 

Placenta Defined – It is an organ that develops during the first weeks of pregnancy and changes its function through pregnancy to accommodate the needs of the growing fetus. Its main function is to ensure the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the maternal and fetal circulatory systems. In essence, it carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients in and takes carbon dioxide and other waste products out. Most people understand this, but don’t realize that the placenta also releases hormones in both the mother and the baby to affect pregnancy, metabolism, fetal growth, and other functions.

Brand new evidence even shows that the placenta transmits healthy bacteria from the mom to the baby.  This means that the placenta helps determine future gut health in the baby! No more dooms day for cesarean births either, their babies are already born with healthy microbes.  Although it would be recommended to still take yummy probiotics after birth.

Your placenta is the perfect cocktail – it is

your own nutrient and hormone filled bioidentical hormone match.


It is as perfect for you as your breast milk is for your own baby. The hormones in your placenta have shown benefits in a number of cultures medicinally to help a mother hormonally during her postpartum time. 

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