What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy, holistic health and how to heal your body naturally  is a hot topic right now. You might be familiar with homeopathy from seeing those little pink or blue vials at your local health food store. Those vials contain medicines derived from sources of various plants, animals and elements found in nature, such as the honeybee (Apis), marigold flowers (Calendula), or calcium carbonate (Calcarea Carbonica).  Sometimes homeopathy gets used as a term to describe anything holistic, and although it shares some crossover similarities with other holistic modalities, it is its own science of medicine and stands apart from herbology, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, etc.

Homeopathy is far from ‘new age.’ It is a system of medicine that has been used successfully for over 200 years. It is gentle, safe, and natural.  These remedies do not poison, will not interact with other medications, and are non-addictive. They are FDA approved and safe for all ages, including newborns, pregnant women, and the elderly. Homeopathy heals by working with your entire body to relieve symptoms, restore what has been damaged, recalibrate the body to its original optimal function, (willow)and improve over all health and vitality. Unlike conventional medications that utilize chemicals to control unwanted symptoms, homeopathy acts as the catalyst to trigger the body’s innate ability to heal by bringing balance back to the person’s optimum state of health and strengthening the body to be more resistant to the problem or problems in the future.

The homeopathic approach to healing entails someone’s physical, mental and emotional symptoms as well as details about the person as an individual. Such details for someone might be their cravings, what makes a symptom better or worse, how they are affected by weather, and what they are normally like day in and day out.Although some remedies might work on many people for the same symptom, homeopathy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Homeopathy is person-specific, not disease-specific and choosing a remedy any other way would be mediocre.

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Homeopathy has been looked at as a natural vaccination in the past.  It’s based on the principle that like cures like and that the body cannot house two of the same disease.  The principle like cures like means what causes symptoms in a healthy person will be what relieves the similar symptoms in a sick person. Let me explain a little further. The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnamann, was a traditional MD who retired and became a medical text translator because he was fluent in seven languages.  IT was his first experiment with cinchona bark (quinine is naturally found in this plant).  He read numerous reasons for why this plant and the quinine in it was the treatment for malaria.  However, not one of these reasons made medical sense to him. He took it upon himself to ingest cinchona bark daily for a few days.  During this time he experienced the symptoms of malaria.  These symptoms were fever and spasms, basically intermittent fever.  Hahnemann concluded that ‘…quinine acts in malaria because in healthy people it can produce symptoms similar to intermittent fever.”  Quinine is still used today to treat severe cases of malaria. A more relevant and  common example used today would be Ipecac (ipecachuana). t is a wonderful remedy to treat a stomach bug and morning sickness. Most commonly kept in the first aid cabinet to induce vomiting usually after ingesting poison or too much of substance that in such a quantity is toxic. IT  accomplishes this by irritating the lining of the stomach (gastric mucosa).  However, if a person is suffering from such symptoms with morning sickness, where she is constantly nauseous and not relieved by vomiting, then ipecac will be the cure.

Acute vs Constitutional Treatment?

Homeopathy can treat acute illnesses and chronic illnesses.  Examples of acute illnesses are morning sickness, colds, flus, and hemorrhoids.  Chronic illnesses include anxiety, migraines, chronic GI issues, and depression to name a few. Homeopathy is most well known for treating symptomatic conditions. For example, a bee sting may necessitate the remedy of Apis to swiftly alleviate burning pain, redness and swelling, or a big fall can benefit from a timely dosage of Arnica to reduce subsequent soreness and discoloration. This direct application of a homeopathic remedy would be for acute ailments. Acute remedies play an unquestionably important role in pregnancy care, however, going beyond the symptoms, getting to the root of a deeper series of issues generally requires a constitutional remedy. In our body follies section I have outlined the most common homeopathic remedies associated with certain follies.  This is acute prescribing and here you will also learn how to listen to your own body, its uniqueness and hopefully find the perfect remedy match for your folly!  However, I do suggest alternatives before reaching for a homeopathic remedy.  Although they are amazing and quick acting, sometimes the solution is as simple as avoiding a certain position, adding or eliminating a certain food, etc.

Constitutional homeopathy affects the body on multiple levels because it treats the unique inner imbalance of your system.   This method of treatment is for more deep-seated complaints or for chronic issues.  We all experience the world differently.  It’s all about finding the remedy that is best for you, a remedy that addresses the root cause of your ailments.  Once found, this constitutional remedy strengthens the immune system, alleviates physical symptoms, and balances the emotional and mental sphere. Hence it is treating the whole person. Homeopathy creates a healthy foundation in the body.  

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Constitutional Treatment

Chronic Afflictions

Treatment for chronic ailments that are physical, emotional or mental.

What Can Be Treated

Anxiety, depression, GI tract/digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, PMS, recurring colds or flus, chronic colds and flus, chronic ear aches and infections, sinusitis, allergies,anger, insomnia, overall immune health, attention issues in children and adults, children with weakened immune systems (they catch everything and it takes forever to get rid of it), other mental and emotional concerns with children, fears, sleep, colic, rage.

Root Cause

Finding the root cause of a chronic or distressing ailment or affliction.

Individualized Medicine

Finding the remedy and health protocol to fit each person specifically.  Not a one size fits all medicine.  A thorough consult taking into consideration the physical, emotional and mental sphere.  They are all connected.


A 1.5-2hour initial consultation.


Available in person or via Skype.  Skype offers more flexibility but must have camera.


  • Initial Consult includes most remedies and first follow up.
  • Supported throughout treatment for acute care if on a constitutional remedy.

Acute Treatment

Short Term Afflictions

For short term afflictions such as colds, fevers, flus, diaper rashes, ear infections, broken bones, food poisoning, morning sickness, and many more. Call to inquire if acute care is right for you or a family member.


  • Homeopathic Remedy Protocol and Lifestyle/Home Remedy Recommendations
  • One week worth of follow ups/check ins

Location and Time

  • Average length is 30 minutes
  • Available in person if office hours permit, over the phone and via Skype.

Yearly Package

  • Yearly Package for Acute Care
  • Save money and feel supported outside of office hours.
  • Great for families and can be shared with friends!