Christa from The Whole Journey and I have been writing a book, How to Conceive Naturally- The whole truth about pregnancy from the preconception through postpartum!  It’s going to be published September 2015!  We are so excited and can’t wait to share the information about natural fertility, preparing for conception, what to eat and how to take care of yourself through pregnancy and postpartum.  Here is a taste of a video series Christa and I did on FOX 5 about postpartum.

Here are my favorite remedies for the postpartum period.  Hop on over to my placenta encapsulation page to learn more about the amazing benefits of this incredible organ and why you shouldn’t just ‘throw it away!’  Click HERE

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Arnica- bumps, bruises, soreness 

Homeopathy’s number one trauma remedy. This remedy should be routinely given after birth to alleviate any ‘bruised’ feelings in the uterine area, actual bruises you acquire during labor or birth (like from awkward positioning).  If the new mom is claiming she is alright but clearly isn’t then this is definitely the remedy to give.   However, this is a MUST HAVE remedy for EVERY mom.


Bellis Perennis

This remedy has amazing action on deep tissue healing that is sore and bruised.  It is particularly useful after a cesarean section or delivery with forceps.  I recommend a 200C potency taken 1x/day for a few days.  If only a 30C is on hand or available, take 2x/day for a few days



Amazing remedy for hemorrhoids.  Swollen and red with swollen ankles and blue veins.  The hemorrhoids are painful and external.  I also love Nelson’s Hemorrhoid Cream.



Known to effect nerve-rich areas where one experiences pains that shoot along nerves with intensity.  It is most useful after any delivery, but especially after C-sections, epidurals, episiotomies, and forceps delivery. Willow recommends taking a 30C 2x/day for a few days depending on severity of procedure.


This is a remedy for incision, cuts, lacerations as well.  Unlike Calendula it acts more deeply than the layers of the skin.  Definitely would be recommended after Caesarean birth, when pains are sharp, or if any stitches were given, internal or external. Willow recommends taking 30C 3x/day for a few days. 


NOTE ABOUT EPISIOTOMY – Natural tearing is better mamas! Episiotomies are for emergencies.  Ask any nurse or doctor and they will concur that a mom will heal faster if she tears naturally instead of getting cut with an episiotomy.  This is because the skin will naturally tear in between the cells where the skin is the weakest.  If an episiotomy is given the skin will be cut through the cells which takes much longer to heal!

These remedies are for alleviation of symptoms and to speed up recovery time.  If at any time you are experiencing something you are unsure about please contact your health care provider.